The Perfect Concrete Pattern

There are endless possibilities in finding the right paving for you. Concrete paving offers a variety of designs. There are 3 main factors when considering the right concrete for you, they are the: shape, colour and pattern. Here are the simple steps to finding the perfect paving:

  • What shape? There are many shapes to choose from such as; keystone, aristocrat, satinpave, conleaf, clover, honeystyle, corolock, bevel brick, bush stone and classic cobble.
  • What colour? Concrete pavers tend to look very sophisticated and come in a nice choice of colours. Match or compliment the rest of your property. Commonly, concrete pavers come in red, charcoal, grey, tan and brown.
  • What pattern? The shape of your paving depends on the outcome of your pattern but choose from herringbone, stretcher, basket weave.