If your front or back garden is on different levels, then you might have to consider having some steps built in to make it easier for you when walking around your garden.

It may be that there is a significant difference in level from stepping out of your front or back door to the outside, so again, steps will be needed to make it easier for you to get in and out of your home. They are an easy solution to making the outside more accessible.

Steps can be however wide or narrow you need them to be. You can have more than one level of steps depending on how high the gap is between your door and the floor. If you have just had a raised area around your patio built, then steps can be incorporated into the design to make it easier for you get up onto this area.

Lights can be added to the steps to make them more noticeable at night. This looks very effective and is a great safety feature especially if you like to entertain in the evening. It is best advised to choose a step that best suits the facade of your property as well as your patio area or driveway so that it blends in with the style and feel you are looking for.

There are a variety of different materials to choose from such as paving slabs, slate, frost-resistant bricks and railway sleepers. The frost-resistant bricks are perfect for the early risers who could slip on the exit or entrance to the property when the weather is bad. The railway sleepers create a rustic feel and will look good in any front or back garden.

  • Paving slabs
  • Slate
  • Frost-resistant bricks
  • Railway sleepers
  • Sandstone

If you need steps incorporated into your patio or need one or more from your front and back door, then please call Advanced so we can advise you on what type of steps would be ideal.

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